CDF Policy Update

Following an internal review designed to ensure our continued compliance with all applicable governmental regulations regarding pharmaceutical co-payment assistance charities, Chronic Disease Fund (CDF) has updated some of the guidelines governing its activities and services.

Going forward, CDF only will provide assistance for diseases for which two or more products are available from two or more manufacturers unless specific exceptions apply. Notable exceptions are if an additional product from a different manufacturer is expected to receive FDA approval within the next 18 months or if the only treatments available are ultra orphan drugs for which CDF already provides assistance.

If CDF decides to stop providing support for a particular disease, CDF will continue to provide assistance to certain existing patients to the extent that funding exists out of a concern for patient well-being. 

Additionally, when deciding which diseases to support, CDF will consider various factors, including whether the disease category is defined by reference to a diagnosis or a broadly recognized illness or disease, as opposed to specific symptoms, severity of symptoms, or the outcome of a disease.  CDF also will consider whether a disease category is defined in accordance with widely recognized clinical standards and in a manner that covers a broad spectrum of available products. 

Please find a full list of diseases for which CDF provides assistance here: